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Welcome to the first and widely acclaimed Coating Inspector Approval Scheme in the Philippines. The training and certification program is a joint project developed by the Atlantic, Gulf & Pacific Company of Manila Foundation, Inc. and the Singapore Welding Society in collaboration with Waugh Technical Services of the UK entitled "SWS ICAS".

Singapore Welding Society - International Coating Approval Scheme (SWS ICAS ) breaks new ground by the development of sources and provisions of certification not previously available for subject areas within Coating Inspection. This is in addition to the standard levels of Coating Inspector and Site Operatives discipline.

We intend to qualify your Coating Inspectors and Coating Operatives for Industrial and Marine Coatings field according to the National and International Oil, Gas and Civil Engineering companies' standards worldwide.

The aim of the approval is to train and then examine candidates for their competencies in carrying out inspection procedures, interpret and deliver specification requirements, keep records in accordance with client's procedures, and demonstrate a sound theoretical background of the subject at the various levels.

Underpinning objectives are;
To assist in enabling companies to plan their future requirements for inspection and operative staff at various levels through this comprehensive programme offered by AG&P – SWS ACAS.
To standardize the working practices of Certified Inspectors and Operatives to a high technical and practical level, and to provide a seamless route from Operative to Inspector as and when required by a company or individual.
To allow companies to specify the use of AG&P certificate- SWS ICAS certificate holders for their projects with the knowledge that the Coating Inspectors and Operatives have the highest level of knowledge, skill, awareness and adherence to Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) requirements.

Speaker's Profile:
Mr. Bill Waugh B. Ed. F.T.G. Certified Educator has been involved in the coating industry for fifty (50) years. He hold a degree in Education from Huddersfield University, a certificate in Further and Higher Education from Nottingham Polytechnic, and OGLI Full Technological Certificates in Building Science, Elements of Supervision and Development of Design, etc. He has been actively involved with Painting Inspector Course and Examination all over the world. Since 1992 Bill has personally trained more that four thousand (4,000) students and examined some three thousand (3,000) candidates for approval as Paint/Painting Inspectors under the BGAS scheme at Grade 3, Grade 2, Grade 1 and Site Coatings. Training and Examinations have been carried out in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Trinidad, Qatar, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkatta, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei, P.R.C., Hongkong, Singapore, Indonesia, Batam, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, East/West Malaysia and Britain. He took early retirement in 1992 in order to develop Waugh Technical Services, which is engaged in training and Consultancy for Industrial and Marine Coatings Industries.


CCIT & CPL Level 1 presents the basic technology of coating application and inspection that offers more than 60 hours of instruction and practice. This course provides both technical and practical fundamentals for coating inspection work on structural steel projects. The course concludes with both written and practical exams.

The 5 days, 9 hours, including 2 hours of homework in the evenings, one (1) day testing programme will surely highlight the best coating, painting and blasting Inspectors in the country after completing the course;

Day 1 First half
Introduction to the course and certification
Corrosion Theory
Introduction to the course reference material
Day 1 Second half
Surface Preparation
Introduction to paint inspection equipment (Demonstration & Practice)
Day 2 First half
Paint technology
Work on course reference materials/Practice with paint Inspection equipment.
Day 2 Second half
Paint Manufacture with testing
Day 3 First half
Coating systems suitable for various substances and conditions
On site working
Day 3 Second half
Work on course reference materials/Practice with paint Inspection equipment
Day 4 First half
Health and Safety Legislation
Defining duties of Coating Inspectors Level 1 / 2.
Day 4 Second half
Application of Paints
Completion of course reference material/Practice with paint Inspection equipment
Day 5 First half
Carrying out of self analysis paper and discussion of answers
Brief personal practical examination.
Day 5 Second half
Practice with Instruments
Personal tutorial and private studies
Day 6 Whole day
Level 1 / 2 – Theory Examinations
Level 1 / 2 – Practical examinations

Date : May, June and July 2009 Duration: 6 days
Time : 7:00am to 5:00pm
Venue : Atlantic, Gulf & Pacific Company of Manila Foundation Inc.
Technical School, San Roque, Bauan, Batangas
Fees : Early Bird (first 20 participants) P 40,000.00 + 12% VAT
May 2009 registrants: P 45,000.00+ 12% VAT
: Includes Board and lodging at Bolo Dormitory

For more details please contact: 09209142731

Come and Avail of this fantastic offer!
Be an Inspector. Be CERTIFIED!


Executive Director, AG&PFI

Atlantic, Gulf & Pacific Company of Manila Foundation Inc.
Ben S. Aclan - Marketing/Information Officer